"If I was an Islamist controlling a politician who repeatedly indulges in LGBTQIA+ activism and opposes the anti-Israel BDS movement, I would be asking for a refund!"

Khan opposes BDS? Are you sure? As for the alphabeti spaghetti have you forgotten taqqiyah? Lies to get to your objective? i.e. votes.

From the web: London has centres of worship for many faiths. According to the 2021 Census, the largest religious groupings are Christians (40.66%), followed by those of no religion (27.05%), Muslims (14.99%), no response (7%), Hindus (5.15%), Jews (1.65%), Sikhs (1.64%), Buddhists (1.0%), and others (0.9%).

From another post elsewhere:

<<Islam is a cudgel the white Left are using to foster revolution. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. The activists are stupid youth. The subtle insidious Left are bolsteringing a false threat to encourage hatred in the streets and Johnny Public is falling for it.
We've lost the Police, the Army are being neutered, emasculated. It wasn't the Bolsheviks who funded the Russian Revolution, they snatched it off the elites who they soon got rid of. Lenin was a lawyer too, like Blair and Starmer.
If we hate the Muslims, they'll hate us back. Muslims aren't Marxists, they aren't woke, following rainbow flags, that other manipulated bunch of simpletons. We're being fooled again. Ask Roger Daltrey.>>

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Well said Dr Rakib Eshan. Our authorities have not been impartial in treating everyone equally and fairly, allowing extremists to coerce, threaten and commit heinous crimes with impunity. All this on the woke altar of avoiding accusations of racism. we do indeed need some back-bone, practical action and the application of common sense to set this right.

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