I follow US politics as much as ours, because the people are mostly more interesting....but the problems are the same. Biden is actively encouraging open borders and, no matter how many times Sunak lies and says otherwise....we too are encouraging open borders....WHY? Is it because they are both taking their orders from their Globalist leaders....I can't think of any other reason.

Last year the US took in about 600 Chinese refugees, this year they've already taken in 20,000 and the Chinese are buying up huge swathes of land but Biden lies and says the borders are secure. Our boat people are from all over the world, including China, and the Chinese own huge areas of Britain....I know it all sounds conspiracy theory and it's only an example, but something deliberate is happening and it's got WEF written all over it.

I won't be replying because I'm going to sleep now, argue it out amongst yourselves, but I'll look in this evening.

What do you say Mrs Bucket....I have a lot of respect for your comments.

I'm just glad I'm in my 70s because god only knows what the future holds, but it's all about divide and conquer and Labour will just hasten the outcome. G'night all. 🙋

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Thank you for the compliment Penny. 'The Globalists' are really the people on the payroll of China; that's where the problems are really coming from. Read the book 'Hidden Hand' by two Australian academics, the whole CCP plot revealed.

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Hello Mrs B, just to let you know that I've downloaded a copy of Hidden Hand, but it might be a while before I start it because I'm halfway through a series. Thank you for the recommendation. Penny.

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It's quite heavy going, a very extensive summary of China's worldwide attack on the west. Already out of date, I've just heard of some mischief they're up to in the Caribbean - but the US is so half asleep they think Ukraine is an issue??? They need to check their back door.

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Thanks for the warning. As for the US, with Biden in charge I think they've got lots of problems....love him or loathe him I think that the world was a safer place under Trump. Take care Mrs B and thanks again.

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Agree completely Penny, we in the States felt safer, were better off financially, the bad actors were back on their heels, he destroyed the caliphate that the Obama Admin allowed.

He also had a peace accord with the Gulf States almost completed that would have given peace between Israel and the Arab Gulf states for a period of years most likely.

I say that understanding that any treaties or agreements with Islam must be a cautious one, closely monitored. Their stated goal is always world domination, by any means necessary.

Stay well in the UK.

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Thanks Don, and I just hope that all right minded Americans are disgusted by the obvious witch hunt that James has got away with. She and Erdagan should both be in prison. Trump for '24.

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Back door indeed Mrs Bucket, on China and the world first seeping, and now pouring in.

What you are seeing about race issues, is a new racial divide authored by the left here with lots of help from the O admin's 8 years. Many of us consider the B Admin as a third Obama Admin.

The race problems are exacerbated by an almost totally corrupted press and media inflaming the tensions, by weighting their reporting in the direction of racism while not reporting the real statistics that show a different picture. Trump, has had the highest numbers of both Blacks and Hispanics support than any Republican politician.

Here's the link to this one hour intervew interesting throughout:


I enjoy Michael and the comments from his subs regularly from across the Pond.

Best to you all and hope you prevail in this existential struggle for Western Civilization - and us as well in the States.

Here's a great interview on policing in the US that will show us what a black kid from the Hood can achieve, Roland, and a Spanish son of a policeman Rafael, has studied. About an hour from the Hoover Institute's "Uncommon Knowledge" series. I do a lot of my higher level learning at Hoover online

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That's very interesting Don and the video looks good, just watched the first few minutes, I'll watch the rest later. Latest speech from Trump has him coming out fighting with 'the liars, cheats, fraudsters, censors and imposters will see their judgement day'.

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Thx Mrs B. We won't give up and we'll swallow discouragement and push forward. No easy task ahead though for all Europeans, and now for us in the States as well.

Thx again and Stay safe and well.

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The solutions for Britain are fantastically simple! All we need is for the Conservative Party to start being Conservatives, working for the British people, to LEAD and not follow the Marxist/Leftist agendas of the China dominated UN/WHO/WEF. And keep laughing at Labour; highlight a daft policy or person every week until the GE.

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Spot on as usual Mrs Bucket. It's plain for us to see.

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